We stock standard medium density, fire retardant, upholstry foam in a variety of thicknesses. This is ideal for everything from dining chair seats to sofa cushions to bunks and seating in boats and caravans. Often this can be cut to size for you whilst you wait but during busy periods, or for more complicated items, it may be necessary to collect your foam later in the day or the following day.

If you require foam to replace sofa or armchair cushions, we recommend that you bring the cushion cover(s) in with you so that we can ensure that we cut the correct size. We can also then fit the foam into the cover for you. This is not normally a job we can do whilst you wait, but often we can do it during the day so that cushions dropped off in the morning are ready to collect late afternoon. It's also adviseable to contact us beforehand to ensure we have sufficient supply of the necessary thickness in stock.

Foam prices are calculated pro rata based on:

2.5cm thick (1") - £12.80 square meter (£1.20 square foot)

4cm (1.5") - £ 19.20 square meter (£1.80 square foot)

5cm (2") - £25.60 square meter (£2.40 square foot)

7.5cm (3") - £38.40 square meter (£3.60 square foot)

10cm (4") - £51.20 square meter (£4.80 square foot)

Depending on stock, we can usually supply foam in these thicknesses up to 2m in length and 1.2m in width. If we do not have tfoam of the necessary thickness, we can sometimes make this up by gluing 2 sheets together (ie for 15cm thickness we may glue 2 pieces of 7.5cm).

We also stock ready cut 'ironing board' sheets of thinner foam - suitable for a variety of uses. These are a standard 48" by 18" and come in 2 thicknesses - 0.25" and 0.5" - at £1.80 and £3.60 per sheet, respectively.

Other thicknesses and densities of foam may be ordered. Please ask for price details.

(Note that we normally only have one delivery per month and therefore any special orders may take 2 - 3 weeks.)